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care giver tribute poster

Care Giver. Be it from love, duty or calling, your hands, spirit and heart have taken on the care of the body and the essence of a needing other. You tend to the relentless needs of their body and comfort the unease of their soul. You may be the only presence by their side as they fly free.


Yours is the ultimate human gift that not all have the capacity to give. The breaths and times of your life that you forego for theirs can transform into a circle of the closest possible connection between two people and become a gift unlike any other to you both. But there is heartbreak involved. And you may often feel unthanked, unsung,

and unseen. But you are not unthanked, unsung or unseen.


Through your acts of sacrifice and loving kindness you push back the darkness and

add your light, not only to the wellbeing of a single other, but also to the healing of the whole world.

12" x 16" poster $15.00

14" x 18" poster $18.00

postage and mailing tube $4.50

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