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Being human to me, is living as matter and spirit merged, in a world perishable and subject to time. Yet the human spirit not only rises daily to face what the world demands for survival, but also ceaselessly reaches for transformation.


My sculptural work is contemporary, often figurative and at times abstract. In addition to freestanding sculptures ranging in size from one to over seven feet tall, I’ve also begun creating sculptural wall hangings that open up the use of multiple elements for even more narrative possibilities. I love the physicality of sculpture and work with organic materials, especially wood.


Wood is the perfect material for reflecting the human circumstance. It’s alive, warm and flesh like. What might seem like flaws or weaknesses in the material, actually give each piece its own individual uniqueness and beauty. It ages, but that too deepens its story and process through life. It’s temporal but has incredible strength and endurance through time. Wood seems such a common material but it, like us, has the capacity for transformation into wholly new forms of beauty and meaning beyond the physical.

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